Have a Bouncy New Year

176 - FireworksSometimes courage is simply saying, “I will try again tomorrow”.

Mary Anne Radmacher

Happy New Year.

Two words of advice if you’re making plans or resolutions for the coming year – ‘Don’t rush’.

We all enjoy the prospect of a new start, to move on from the mistakes of the past, apply the lessons we’ve learned and start afresh. We get excited by the first blank page in a new notebook or by the start of a new year, but deep down we know that beginnings are easy.

“This year I’ll lose weight”.

“This year I’ll save some money”.

“This year I’ll change the world”.

We put too much pressure on ourselves at the start of the year – all too often still bloated and worn out by the excesses of Christmas, the dark and cold mid-winter isn’t necessarily the best time to begin our mission to run 10 miles a week, sort out the garden, or lay off the crisps! If we set-off with an all or nothing attitude, it’s perhaps not surprising that we so often fail.

The truth is we can decide to start again anytime we want, and as often as we want.

There’s nothing wrong with the symbolism of a new page, or a new year, but we’re more likely to be successful in putting our best intentions into practice if we treat every day as a potential new start.

We all get tired, unmotivated and fed-up from time to time, and we should just cut ourselves some slack, accept we’re only human and not give-up at the first hint of failure.

Sometimes change takes a little time.

Work on your ‘bouncebackability’.

[Extract from my ebook The January I Saved the World]


Photo Image used under Creative Commons Licence from Nigelhowe, via Flickr

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