Meet Martin Sheen

Born Ramon Estevez, to immigrant parents, Martin Sheen went on to become a famous Hollywood face, appearing in numerous films and TV shows, including Apocalypse Now, Wall Street and The West Wing.

He is less well known for his lifelong faith and social conscience. At the age of 14 he organised a golf caddie strike at the golf club where he worked, to stop the players using abusive and anti-Semitic language. Despite loving golf all his life he has never been a member of a golf club, because, he says, he doesn’t believe in their exclusive nature.

He is Hollywood’s most arrested celebrity, having been arrested 66 times in the course of numerous peaceful social activism demonstrations. He notably has supported the homeless and foodbank schemes, and opposed the fur trade, capital punishment, seal hunting, migrant worker exploitation, the Iraq War, international conflict and has campaigned against polluting industries and dumping.

Though a committed Roman Catholic, Martin is also a strong supporter of same sex marriage, and recently has attended meetings of the environmental advocacy group Earthfirst.

Listen to Martin Sheen interviewed on Desert Island Discs in 2011.

Photo from Wikicommons

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