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The January I Saved the World

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Have a Bouncy New Year, The Vision Thing, Get More Sleep, Make a Giving Jar, Let Go of Some Anger, Read the Label, More Good News, Give Blood, Embrace Simplicity, Turn Down the Thermostat, Reuse Your Shopping Bags, Be Part of Something, Share Your Stuff, Opt Out of Junk Mail, Commit to a Fitter You, Have Better Lunches, Loose Your Guilt, Act Local, The Seedy Stuff, Choose More Sustainable Fish, Give More Feedback, Regular Giving, Find a Form of Exercise You Enjoy, Balance Your Life, Mood Music, Stop Reinventing Wheels, Take a Few Minutes to Remember, Feed the Birds, Drink More Water, A Little More Me Time, Fix What’s Broken

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A man was walking along a beach at low tide the morning after a large storm. Thousands of starfish had been washed-up onto the beach and left stranded.

As he walked he came across a young girl carefully picking-up the starfish one by one, and carrying them back into the sea.

“What are you doing ?” the man asked.

“I’m putting these starfish back into the sea so they don’t dry out in the sun and die”, the girl answered.

“There are thousands of starfish washed-up on this beach”, said the man, “and you’re just a young girl saving one starfish at a time. What difference does it make” ?

The girl looked at the man, then put another starfish back into the water. “It made a difference to that one”, she replied.

The man stood in thought for a while. Then he began to help the girl collect starfish and put them back into the sea.

[Adapted from a story by Loren Eiseley]

They say you shouldn’t bother trying to write anything unless you’ve got something you passionately want to say.

Many of us live lives of relative abundance and comfort, while many others in the world struggle with poverty, injustice and lack of resources – both far away and closer to home. It can seem that these problems are insurmountable. That there is nothing that we can do to meaningfully make the world a better, fairer, more pleasant place – so we might as well not bother, and just look after ourselves.

I don’t believe this is the case. I think there are things we can do to make a positive change in the world – whether small or large, and The Year I Saved the World describes one thing we could do each day, complete with weblinks and videos, to make a positive change either in our own lives, or the lives of others.

Priced at around £1.50/$2.99 each, they are available now for download from Amazon Kindle and the Google Play Store.