10 Emails to Send Today

169 - TimeThe difference between who we are and who we want to be . . . is what we do.

This post starts and ends with two ‘motivational’ quotes.

There are two types of people in the world – those who like ‘motivational’ quotes on the internet, and those who definitely don’t.

Apologies if you’re in the second group.

Not everyone likes being ‘motivated’ to do stuff, especially by sanctimonious bloggers. If being ‘motivated’ isn’t really your thing, and you feel far more comfortable making up your own mind about what you intend to do, and when you’re going to do it, then I’m genuinely sorry for this clumsy attempt at ‘motivation’.

To be honest, I agree with you anyway. I’m always resistant to anyone telling me what I should do, or what I should like. I think I’m generally more likely to like a song, film or book if I feel I’ve discovered it by myself, than if it’s been recommended it to me. None of us like feeling ‘bossed about’.

The problem is we have busy lives, too many distractions and too little time. We read a well written and powerful article about the plight of the flatulating acid-spitting  zumzizeroo, agree it’s a terrible thing and that something should be done, consider writing to express our views or lobby decision makers – but somehow always end up clicking on the another hyperlink instead.

Issues and concerns enter our thoughts, and then almost immediately drift out again. Petitions go unsigned. Surveys go uncompleted. Views remain unexpressed. Ignorance and greed goes unchallenged. . . . Situations remain unchanged.

Of course we obviously can’t change everything by simply sending an email about it – I’ve written before about the need to Avoid Slacktivism. But sometimes in this hyper-connected world, public opinion makes a difference  - I’ve also written before about Changing the World from your Keyboard.

If you can spare a few minutes today to be an email warrior for five minutes – here are a few humble suggestions of worthy causes you could put your keyboard to.

Do it now . . . because sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’.

(sorry – I promise no more ’motivation’)

1 - Email your MP and tell them you care about climate change and favour policies that fairly and sensibly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and encourage sustainable sources of energy. Perhaps support an amendment to the current Energy Bill.

2 - Register with Hugh’s Fish Fight Campaign, to end fishing discards and protect marine conservation zones.

3 - Sign Greenpeace’s online petition to Protect the Arctic from offshore drilling.

4 - Spend 3 minutes to register as an organ donor

5 - Petition your local council on a local issue of your choosing

6 - Sign a petition calling for the banning of neonicotinoid pesticides believed to be responsible for significant bee decline.

7 - Send an email on behalf of Amnesty International’s campaigns around the world.

8 - Check out the online petitions on the Government website. 100,000 signatures means consideration for debate in the Commons.

9 - Register with 38 Degrees or Change.org to get updates of new campaigns.

10 - Email your friends, or post something on your social media to raise awareness and support.

Photo by Alan Cleaver via Flickr

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  1. Gareth Richards says:

    I wouldn’t sign the Greenpeace one not because I disagree with the proposition but because of Greenpeace’s views on nuclear power and GM foods. You could write to them to ask them to conduct a scientific review of their policies in that area.

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