Meet Beth Doane

Beth Doane is a US fashion designer who after witnessing various human rights violations and environmental impacts caused by fashion manufacturing, began campaigning for change and responsibility within the industry.

Beth has since gone on to found the sustainable clothing brand Raintees, which plants a tree for every item sold, and campaigns on behalf of various causes and communities across the world.

Particularly engaged with issues affecting indigenous peoples in the Amazon rainforest, Beth has worked to raise awareness of Cheveron’s activities in Ecuador, which have resulted in the largest environmental legal damages claim in history, addressing the United Nations on this issue earlier this year.

In her TEDx talk below Beth describes her own personal journey:

 ”I’m on this crazy roller coaster . . . trying to figure out the best thing I can do to make this right, to create a sustainable future”

Her answer starts with being aware – that conscious awareness leads to conscious consumerism. We can’t solve a problem if we don’t know there is a problem.

Photo from Wikicommons

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