Meet Bilaal Rajan

When he was four years old Bilaal Rajan saw coverage of an earthquake in India on the news, and with his parents’ support he went door to door selling oranges, raising over $350 to support those affected.

Since then Bilaal has gone on to become increasingly involved in charitable and humanitarian work – personally raising over $100,000 for various causes, before in 2004 launching the Kids Canada Earthquake Challenge, and raising over $1.8 million for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Bilaal has since been involved with a project building a school for orphans in Ecuador, and founded the Barefoot Challenge, encouraging children worldwide to go without shoes for a period, to better understand the difficulties faced by children in many developing countries.

Bilaal has met with Nelson Mandella, Archbishop Tutu, and has addressed numerous conferences and gatherings. His book Making Change, Tips from a Underage Overachiever, was published in 2008.

Still aged only 15, he fits his humanitarian work in between his continuing schooling in Ontario, Canada.


Photo from Wikicommons

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