It’s Finally Stopped Raining !

As my regular readers will know, I take breaks from updating Next Starfish from time to time, either to catch up with various other things I’m meant to be doing, or sometimes just to enjoy a short rest . . . and it’s one of those times again.

Obviously I should be worried about maintaining my web traffic, increasing my followers, expanding my network and promoting my site – but as you’ll hopefully all realise, there’s much more to life, and I’m sure you’ll all be back again in a weeks time anyway.

I will be posing to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in the meantime, so feel free to drop me a line if you spot anything interesting, or think anything I’ve said is rubbish !

I’ve decided to leave you with a few videos that have made me smile in recent weeks . . . but perhaps I’ve just got no sense of humour :)



Photo by dingbat 2005, via Flickr

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