Guerrilla Knitting

A lot of people are familiar with the idea of guerilla gardening – simply taking over an area of unused or unloved public open land and growing vegetables or flowers.

Guerrilla knitting (or yarn bombing) is similar, in the sense that those involved don’t first seek permission or approval, but rather than growing things, they use knitting to bring fun, humour and texture to the street.

Wander through Google’s image search to get the idea: guerrilla knitting, yarnstorming, yarn bombing.

In the words of the London Graffitti Knitting Collective, Knit the City:

“Unleashing our squishy art on the world, makes us and others happy, and brings something to life that wasn’t there before. There’s a bubbling love of being alive behind our street art. Stoney-faced and outraged art has it’s place, but life is also beautiful, enchanting, heart-squeezingly graceful and all kinds of weird. Consider it a stitched shove that whispers “Wake up! The world is a mad and marvelous place and we all get to live in it”"

Beautifiying the urban environment with knitted sunshine . . . just for fun :o


Photo from dandeluca via Flickr

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