30 Infographics to Help Save the World

You’ve probably noticed that infographics are very much ‘on the up’, especially on the internet – it’s probably got a lot to do with their screen friendliness, and our increasing preference to consider complex information in a visual way.

Their easy accessibility makes them ideal initial talking points – if you’re impressed by any of the infographics below you might want to email to a few friends, post it to your Facebook page, send it out on Twitter, or even print out and take into work.

1 UK Energy Consumption Guide

2 Being Active in Nature Makes Kids Healthier

3 Simple Innovations to Help African Farmers Thrive

4 Working from Home

5 What’s In Your Trash ?

6 The Rise of the Slacktivist

7 Livestock and the Environment

8 We’re Obese – US Obesity Data

9 One in Six People are Hungry

10 West African Food Crisis

11 How Dangerous is Your House ?

12 Americans Use 30 Times More Water than Africans

13 Occupy Wall Street

14 Carbon Footprints

15 The Case for Increased Urban Food Production

16 The Dark Side of Capitalism

17 Vitamin D Deficiency

18 From One Earth Day to the Next

19 Honey Bee Extinction

20 How a Landfill Works

21 Which Countries are Most Reliant on Oil

22 Shopping Bag Impacts

23 Food Speculation Causes Hunger

24 Man vs Sharks

25 The Effects of Stress

26 Endangered Species per Country

27 Conflict Materials

28 Why Don’t Americans Recycle ?

29 The Internet and the Environment

30 Why Protect the Oceans ?

Image from Why Protect Our Oceans ?


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