Happy Monday

Sometimes it’s good to do something different.

There’s a lot of urgent and serious problems in the world, and sometimes we need to be confronted by the reality of situations if we’re to be motivated enough to change them. Yes, we should care – but it’s not healthy to let our concern drag down our mood.

Depression and generalised anxiety disorder are the second most commonly diagnosed medical conditions across most of the rich world (after hypertension), with typically 1 in 10 people experiencing depression every year.

Mental and emotional exhaustion can creep up on us in our overloaded and hectic lives, and it’s often those in caring roles and work who are most at risk of burnout and depression.

We should be mindful of our own mood, and make sure that we keep on doing things to lift our spirits and recharge our emotional batteries.

Today, the first Monday in May, is a public holiday in the UK – one of the so called ‘Happy Mondays’. Whether you’ve got today off where you are or not, why not do something different ?

Shake things up, break the same-old same-old and do something different to remind yourself how fun life can be !

Photo by Jessica Tam, via Flickr

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