Meet Narayanan Krishnan

A new series of ‘Meet….’ articles focussing on a diverse range of individuals, who are all currently working in their own way to try and make a positive difference in the world.

Krishnan was an award winning chef in a five-star Taj Hotel in Bangalore, when one day he saw an old man living on the street eating his own human waste out of hunger.

Shocked and moved, Krishnan started feeding the man, and then others, and before long had decided to leave his job, and devote all his time and his life savings to feeding the forgotten and uncared for hungry and destitute of his home city Madurai.

He founded the non-profit organisation Akshaya (undecaying or imperishable in Sanskrit), which now feeds over 400 people three meals a day. He takes no salary and for many years slept on the floor of the kitchen where he prepares the food. Akshaya is now also building shelters for Madurai’s homeless.

In 2010 Krishnan was named in the final 10 CNN’s Heroes of the Year.

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  1. Wow – this was very humbling and touching. I can’t even put into words the reaction I feel from reading and watching Narayanan Krishnan. He’s a Mother Teresa. Just imagine how this world would be if we were all more like him. He’s so inspirational and makes me want to do more.

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