A Short Musical Interlude

If you’ve been following Next Starfish for a little while you’ll know that from time to time I take a week or so off from updating the site – blogging can get surprising time consuming if you let it, and as with most things in life it’s good to take a break sometimes.

Instead I’ll be hanging out with the family, sorting out the garden, reading (rather than writing) and catching-up on a number of other bits and bobs.

I’ll throw out the odd tweet or two, if you’re a Twitter type person, alternatively you might want to take a short cyber-sabbatical too, and do some of that ‘real world stuff’ . . . just so long as you come back again in a weeks time – obviously !

I’ve signed-off with a few idiosyncratic music videos – hope there’s at least one you like. If not by all means leave me a comment to let me know what I should be listening to :)

Photo by Ryan SB, via Flickr

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