Mountaintop Removal

All forms of mining give rise to a variety of environmental concerns, but so-called mountain top removal coal mining in the American Appalachian Mountains is more damaging than most. The practice involves explosive removal of entire mountain tops in order to expose the coal, the resulting rock being placed in nearby valleys, often blocking streams. After the coal has been removed the spoil is then typically replaced to form a ‘new’ mountain.

The practice has generated a lot of criticism and protest from local people and environmental groups, with widespread allegations of pollution, habitat destruction, loss of amenity, and few benefits for the local communities affected.


Photo by iLoveMountains via Flickr

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  1. Gareth Richards says:

    Unless we shift electricity production off coal and onto Nuclear/renewables, because of our need for cheep energy will demand the mining companies give us coal at cheapest available price. Open cast mining and mountain top removal are the cheapest ways of doing this.

    Those who oppose wind and nuclear power are really arguing that they want more destructive open cast coal mining. Those protesters arguing against wind and nuclear should be required to articulate a workable energy plan before they are invited to the energy debate.

    BTW I was unimpressed with some of the arguments against the Coleford wind farm especially the argument that it wouldn’t supply any electricity to Coleford, as the power would go to the grid. In my opinion if you want to argue against the benefits of a national electricity grid you’ve disqualified yourself from the debate. The other arguments could be boiled down to, I don’t want it here please build it somewhere else.

    Why don’t you do a blog post on it?

  2. Your article is kind of an eye opener. It pains me a lot when I see such things happening in the world and we do not even think about them for once. Thanks for writing about it.

    By the way, I have a slot remaining for Liebster award – it is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers. If you fit in the category, let me know.

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