Nothing to do Today But Smile

If you’re a regular visitor you’ll know that I sometimes take a week or so off from updating Next Starfish.

I’m the kind of person who always has to be doing something and I need to nudge myself from time to time to try and practice what I preach, and slow down a little.

So I’m having a week away from blogging – before the whole Christmas rush sneeks-up on us all. I’ll spend a bit of time with my family, read and catch up on my sleep. From time to time idleness has a lot to recommend it !

I’ve also decided to take a news sabbatical for a few days, as the global news is so depressing at the moment.

Instead I  plan to spend an evening or two watching comedy and laughing  - feel free to join me, you’ll feel better !

Photo by Alicepopkorn2, via Flickr

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