Green Roofs

Covering a building’s roof with grass or vegetation to create a Green Roof isn’t a new idea, the so called sod churches and farms of Iceland and Norway, used peat and turf as roofing materials as far back as the 18th Century.

Modern greenroofs have been incorporated onto everything from domestic housing to high rise office blocks, and confer many advantages – including absorbing water to reduce storm water run-off and flash flooding risk, providing good insulation properties, reducing urban heat island effects, and providing a much needed addition to ecological habitat in many urban settings.

In addition they also look nice !

More and more designers and architects are using greenroofs, in both traditional and non-traditional structures. The world’s largest can currently be found on the Ford factory in Michigan.

Small build, or even DIY, installations of greenroofs on domestic homes, garages and sheds is becoming more and more popular, and a wide array of advice and support is available, as are a number of ready made kits !


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Photo by Renate Oberinger, via Wikicommons


  1. Looking into the possibility of putting a small greenroof onto a recycling shelter I’m planning to build – if I manage it I’ll certainly blog about it :)

  2. Gareth Richards says:

    Any plans for a green roof on your house?

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