The World’s Refugees

There are 15.6 million refugees in the world – people living insecurely in another country, having been forced to flee their own. There are another 27.5 million internally displaced people.

Refugees have no option but to live in temporary shelter, often in tents or makeshift accommodation, with few educational or employment opportunities, limited hygiene and health care, susceptibility to crime and exploitation and often with threat of water or food scarcity. The UNHCR works on the ground and with national governments on behalf of displaced people and communities.

The majority of the world’s refugees are in Pakistan, Iran and Syria, but with increasing numbers in Kenya and Sudan, as a result of the famine affecting the Horn of Africa.

The photo above shows a makeshift shelter at Dolo Ado refugee camp on the Ethiopia-Somalia border.


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Photo by Cate Turton / Department for International Development, via Flickr

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