Meet Toby Ord

The current series of ‘Foto Friday’ posts are focussing on individuals who are currently working in their own way to try and make a positive difference in the world.

Toby Ord is an Oxford University academic, who earns around £33,000 a year (the UK individual national average income is £26,000 a year), but has decided to donate everything he earns above £18,000 a year to charity. He has also donated all his £15,000 savings. His wife has made a similar pledge. He hopes to donate more than a million pounds to charity over the course of his career.

He has founded the Giving What We Can Organisation, whose members pledge to donate at least 10% of what they earn to alleviate global poverty.

Ord lectures on personal ethics, and takes the view that if you feel strongly about the extreme poverty and unfairness in the world you should do something about it. He says he still has a comfortable life; “What’s really important in our lives is spending time together, chatting with our close friends and reading beautiful books and listening to beautiful music”

“I’ve also changed the way I look at the world. I don’t want more stuff. If someone said to me ‘Here’s one thousand pounds’ and I had to spend it on myself I would feel anxious about that because I just want to help people more and it would be a very frustrating time.”

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Photo by Giving What We Can

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