Meet KT Tunstall

The current series of ‘Foto Friday’ posts are focussing on individuals who are currently working in their own way to try and make a positive difference in the world.

The singer KT Tunstall (real name Kate), has always worked to offset the carbon emissions resulting from her music career – planting thousands of trees with the Carbon Neutral Company, in what is now part of the Carrifan Forest in Scotland.

She’s given her home a green makeover, and has done work for both the green lifestyle organisation GlobalCool and for World Environment Day. She is also a member of the celebrity-scientist organisation Cape Farewell, that organises groups of celebrities to accompany working environmental scientists on various working expeditions, in order to help raise awareness of the work they do and the issues involved.

In 2010 KT’s stepfather stood for election as a BNP candidate, causing KT to sever all ties and publicly disown him, stating “I abhor the BNP and everything it stands for”.


Photo by Rokfoto, via Wikicommons

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