Save the World by Playing Games

Sometimes things are a little counter-intuitive.

For example, game designer and social activist Jane McGonigal believes to help ‘save the world’ we all need to spend a LOT more time playing computer games.

Confused ?

Just consider for a moment that the players of the world’s most popular online game, World of Warcraft, have spent a combined total of 5.93 million years playing online – solving problems, working together in teams and overcoming difficult challenges.

Watch her TED talk below, get rid of your ‘I’m no good at life face’, put on your ‘Epic Win’ face, and perhaps try your hand at a couple of the games below.


A free to play, ten week long, online game, open to everyone – develop your superpowers to take on social innovation, food security, the future of money and crisis networking !


It’s 2020. Climate change has been ignored, resources are running low and the world is faced with environmental and financial crises. Can you solve the world’s problems – you decide: prevention and response, social change, technological breakthroughs, alternative power . . . manage them as you see fit.


Game simulation that challenges assumptions about relief work in disaster situations.


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