Does the World Really Need Another Blog ?

There are more than 160 million blogs on the internet. Another 50,000 new blogs begin every day.

Does the world really need another one ?

What more can there possibly be to say ?

Something to ponder when starting a new blog, but I finally decided on the ‘build it and they will come’ approach. There are over two billion people connected to the internet after all, with another quarter of a million joining daily. That’s a lot of people wanting something to read – so long as it’s relevant, interesting and different !

This is a blog about changing the world.

We live in a time of staggering contrast between the worlds’s rich and poor. According to UNICEF 22,000 children die every day due to poverty. There is sufficient wealth in the world to change this, but 75% of the world’s income goes to the 20% of the global population who are already the richest. If like me you live in the Western world then that probably includes you.

We are also living unsustainably. Our rising appetite for energy, water, food and raw materials is already causing problems and risks outstripping our current supply. If we want to lift billions of people out of poverty across the world we will need to use even more. Yet we are already struggling with environmental damage, climate change and conflict.

Is this ‘just the way things are’ ?

How much should we care about people we don’t know, who live far away ?

What changes should we make in our own life for the benefit of the wider environment ?

I am personally challenged by these questions. My motivation for this blog is to encourage a shift of our attention, away from the seemingly impossible scale of these problems, and away from what we’re all not doing, and focus instead on what we can do.

It’s not about ‘saving the world’; it’s about doing things differently.

It’s not about guilt or fear; it’s about optimism and enjoyment.

I personally think many environmental and social justice messages are more than a little ‘preachy’, and sometimes lacking perspective, or don’t seem sufficiently grounded in reality. I hope this blog will be different. That’s not to deny the significance and urgency of the issues, the 22,000 children who will die from poverty today are not faceless, nameless abstracts, but real children who will leave grieving families behind, but I don’t believe we can change things just by adopting an attitude of guilt and personal sacrifice. That’s not how we motivate ourselves, either as individuals or societies, we need something else.

I believe we need to feel positive and enthusiastic if we’re going to make permanent significant changes in our lives, and make a meaningful contribution to the issues we care about.

Hope you keep reading.


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  1. Oi! Davidd how do you change you icon to be your picture?

  2. Of course the world needs another blog! If YOU need it, if you have something to share, that’s need enough right there. Beyond that, however, you’re right, there’s a huge potential audience out there, and audience which is more and more turning away from the “gloom and doom” negativity of major broadcast media. I believe you are correct in your assessment that there is a need for positive outlooks and practical suggestions on making changes in our own lives and our own communities. As your title suggests, you can make a difference, one starfish at a time. Good luck, and have fun!

    • Davidd – thanks for the encouragement and appreciate that you took the time to post it.

      You’re right, now that we have almost infinite choice in what media we consume, not too many people are going to opt for a dose of ‘lets all feel bad about the world’.

      One week in, and still having fun !

  3. Do we really need to feel positive and enthusiastic all the time? Negativity and despondency have their place too! We must endeavour to experience the full range of emotions to change our lives.

    Depression and unhappyness is just natures way of telling you try something different!

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