Invincible Summer

It’s the start of the summer holidays in the UK, and the children have just broken-up from school.

Trying to practice what I preach about simpler-happier lifestyles, I’ll be posting less frequently, and also try out some shorter posts over the next six weeks. I’ll make sure there’s still plenty of interesting stuff here though, so keep dropping in.

If you’re not too busy trying to ‘save the world’ over the summer, you could always check out a couple of my recommended blogs:

The New Economics Foundation is a think tank that aims to promote innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues.

Solutions is a peer reviewed print and online magazine that aims to showcase bold and innovative ideas to solve the world’s economic, social and ecological problems.

Of course if you feel inspired you can always drop me a line with a guest post idea. I’d love to hear from you !

I’m off to sort out the BBQ and blow-up the inflatable garden play pool :)

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