Largest Refugee Camp in the World

In Eastern Kenya, about 100 miles from the Somali border lies Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world.

First set-up in 1991 to house up to 90,000 refugees from the Somali civil war. The camp is now Kenya’s forth largest city, home to over 380,000 people – spanning three generations, many still living in tents 20 years later, and reliant on the United Nations for food, water and sanitation.

In response to the ongoing conflict in Somalia, and the worst drought for many decades, thousands more refugees are arriving every week, with many dying making the journey. The Guardian have a harrowing audio/image slideshow of the conditions in Dadaab.

Oxfam Ambassador actress Kirsten Davis visited Dadaab recently, and breaks down on BBC TV describing the conditions there.

Explore the conditions in Dadaab further usingĀ Google Maps andĀ Images.

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Photo by UNHCR


  1. Oxfam Ambassador actress Kirsten Davis breaks down on BBC TV describing the situation in the Dadaab refugee camp –

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