The Sun is Shining

I’m taking a weeks holiday from updating Next Starfish – to catch-up with a huge pile of ‘other stuff’ I need to be getting on with, and to spend a couple of days in the sunshine with the family – I’m trying to practice what I preach regarding simpler and happier lifestyles.

I’ll be back next week  - in the meantime you might want to do something ‘out in the real world’, or for you die hard screen addicts you might want to take a look at a couple of my recommended blogs: such as Make Wealth History, Grist, or Zen Habits.

I’ve several articles planned for July including Saving Lives, The Greenest Car in the World, Scrape Your Plate, The View from My Desk, Meet Shane Claiborne and The Elephant in the Room. I’ve also got a number of great guest posts lined-up including Where Should We Breathe ?, and a follow-up on Oxfam’s GROW campaign.

Look forward to seeing you back here soon.

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